1940’s Brewing and 94.3 FM The Shark Morning Show Host Partner on Beer To Support Mental Health & Suicide Prevention Initiative

NEW YORK — 94.3 FM The Shark (WWSK Long Island) Morning Show Host Brian Orlando has announced that he has teamed up with the 1940’s Brewing Co. in Holbrook, NY to create the Never Alone beer to support mental health and suicide prevention awareness. As part of Orlando’s ongoing mental health initiative, which also includes musical collaborations with such all-star musicians as Candlebox, Sponge, Wheatus, Run DMC and more under the project name #ChooseSong, Never Alone’s mission is to remind others that there is always someone willing to listen.

According to the famed DJ, the idea for the beer was quite serendipitous. He met 1940’s Brewing Co.Head Brewer and Owner Jon Brengel while filming the first #ChooseSong video at their location last year and the two began discussing developing a beer to support the mental crisis that was happening during the Pandemic. Further inspired by friend and musical collaborator Vinnie Dombroski of Sponge, who appears on both of Orlando’s songs including the latest “I Just Called,” and his love of craft beer and its ability to bring people together (Sponge held weekly “Beer Sessions” live stream performances every Saturday at as a way to keep people together during the Pandemic), Orlando knew this was the perfect way to amplify his message.

“Jon approached me in December about crafting a beer with a portion of the proceeds going toward mental health charities and I couldn’t say yes fast enough. We recorded part of the ‘Choose Song’ music video at his 1940’s Brewery, so what better way to further the message of ‘with music you’re never alone’?,” said Orlando. “I don’t know much about beer but I have seen the way people seem so relaxed at his place, sipping on a craft beer while an acoustic band plays behind them. So, what could be better than a fresh craft beer designed in the place that started it all? And it’s complete with a QR code to see the video.”

Never Alone is a brand new citrus New England India IPA, flavored after Orlando’s favorite drink, tequila. Its light blue label features a concert setting, with hands reaching up (to the singer or symbolizing reaching out for help). Crinkled paper decorates the background, symbolizing every note written and never sent. In red ink, it reminds anyone looking, “With music, you are never alone.”

Available at the 1940’s Brewing Co.and select regional locations, for every sale of the Never Alonebeer, proceeds will go to suicide prevention. A QR code is also on the label, which brings customers to the “Choose Song” music video featuring appearances by Kevin Martin (Candlebox), Brendan B. Brown (Wheatus), Vinnie Dombroski (Sponge), Andyand Tim Patalan (Sponge), and Josh Devine (Session Musician/Live Drummer For One Direction). Other mental health information is also available in the link.

“Music is a language that speaks to all, in good times and bad,” said Brengel. “As music brings people together, we saw an opportunity to do the same with beer. I thought it’d be really appropriate, now more than ever to support mental health.”

For more information about the 1940s Brewing Co., visit https://www.1940sbrewingcompany.com.