Charter Oak Brewing Company LLC: Royal Charter Pale Ale

Official description from the brewery:
Charter Oak's Royal Charter Pale Ale beer (named after the Connecticut charter hidden in the Charter Oak Tree) is the little brother to our IPA, but still brewed with plenty of flavor and hops. This top fermented ale is solidly a west coast Pale Ale style; not too sweet and not too bitter, but complex enough to not disappoint you. From your first sip and scent of a citrus and floral aroma, a solid backbone of the Cascade and Centennial hops can be detected. We hope you will enjoy this well-balanced, medium-bodied, and deep golden appearance in our Pale Ale. We can assure you it is not intensely hopped up resulting in only a subtle bitterness and dry finish. This is a beer you can drink all night long! Beer Stats: 5.5% ABV; 45IBU; 13SRM? Best if served at 46 - 50F (8 - 10C) Tasting Notes: The Royal Charter Pale Ale, with its elegant green label, was introduced in October of 2012 as our second of four core Charter Oak Brewery beers. This west coast styled beer pours a distinctive amber shade and enjoys a nice head of foam. The Royal Charter Pale Ale beer enjoys a citrus nose and is designed to be a sessionable beer. The beer starts off a well-balanced ale with plenty of malt backbone and the hops become 'alive' on the back end. Unlike the typical west coast styles, the intensity of this full flavored hop does not become any more robust with each sip or pint, but rather remains stable. At 5.5% ABV and a full taste this Ale could soon become your favorite.

Beer Style
Pale Ale
Year Round