Charter Oak Brewing Company LLC: Wadsworth India Pale Ale

Official description from the brewery:
Charter Oak's Wadsworth India Pale Ale beer (named after Captain Joseph Wadsworth, for it was he who actually rode off to hide the Charter in the Charter Oak Tree) is our American style IPA with plenty of hop aroma (dry hop twice) and a mild bitterness, yet crisp, refreshing and not over the top! Our Charter Oak IPA style will please your palate with more than your typical 'every day India Pale Ale' and you'll be sure to taste our grapefruit citrus overtone backed with notes of pine and floral aroma and taste. Our beer is a medium bodied beer with a rich amber shade. Plenty of choice, high Alpha hops that we hand select, yet well balanced, with no bite, and not too intense for the best and freshest locally brewed IPA from our specialty malted barley. Beer Stats: 6.5%ABV; 65 IBU; 12SRM? Best if served at 48 - 54F (9 - 12C) Tasting Notes: Our Wadsworth India Pale Ale , and its bold red branding, is a well balanced brew at 6.5% ABV; plenty of select malted barley, and an aggressive dose of premium hops, we think you will enjoy the taste and aroma of this style. Charter Oak's IPA pours with a full head of foam and a rich amber shade. As you bring your glass up to your mouth, one can not help but enjoy the aroma of the citrus, floral, and piney from our fresh, finishing hops. Indeed, a familiar nose for most American west coast India Pale styles. Once the liquid reaches your tongue, our hops are loud and clear and as this IPA reaches the back of your palate, the hops only become more flavorful and intense. Having said this, our IPA is not too bitter and one could argue, with all the hoppiness of this this well balanced style, it is a beer that can be savored all night long.

Beer Style
American IPA
Year Round