The Lost Abbey's Tomme Arthur on Finding an Authentic Alternative

Lost Abbey co-founder and chief operating officer Tomme Arthur announced plans to launch a new line of canned sour beers called Tiny Bubbles, which he called his company’s “authentic alternative,” in his opening address during Brewbound Live.

Tiny Bubbles is scheduled to launch in 2020, via self-distribution, in 4-packs of slim 12 oz. cans with two flavors, original brut and rosé.

“We’ll take all of the equity and knowledge we have learned making Lost Abbey beers, and we’ll bring to life a living Gose-style beer finished with Brettanomyces, all the while having fun promoting our new friend Brutus,” Arthur said, referring to the brand’s mascot Brutus T. Bubbles.

Arthur’s company purchased the Tiny Bubbles brand earlier this year from Goleta, California-based Hollister Brewing Company, which was brewing the line annually as small batch series.

Watch Arthur's presentation on the state of the craft beer industry above, and read more about Tiny Bubbles on