WellBeing Brewing Company to Release Non-Alcoholic Intentional IPA

ST. LOUIS – WellBeing Brewing Company, a leader in the craft non-alcoholic category, is releasing its newest brew – Intentional IPA – just in time to help consumers start 2020 with the best intentions. Intentional IPA hits store shelves on January 2, 2020.

Intentional IPA delivers the distinctly (and delightfully) bitter characteristics of Mosaic and Citra hops one expects in an IPA-style beer, but without the alcohol. The crisp brew is punctuated with pineapple and peach notes, making it a bright beginning to the new year. Whether being enjoyed during “Dryuary” or any month of the year, Intentional IPA offers a full-flavored, alcohol-free experience.

“We brewed Intentional IPA for savoring the moment, acknowledging the things that bring you gratitude and inspiring kindness,” said Jeff Stevens, founder of WellBeing Brewing Company. “As we enter the new year, if you’re looking to drink less or not drink at all, it’s our hope that Intentional IPA can help you enjoy your journey.”

Why Intentional?

The first step to any transformation is making intentions. Since its founding in 2018, WellBeing Brewing Company has been proud to walk alongside the many consumers who seek to improve their wellbeing by choosing beverages without alcohol.

“Intentional IPA is an invitation to set good intentions and raise your wellbeing,” said Stevens.

Intention is a concept familiar to the company — WellBeing Brewing Company intentionally brews the finest non-alcoholic beer available.

Where to Buy

Intentional IPA will be sold in 4-pack, 16oz cans at retailers in Missouri, Colorado and Tennessee beginning on January 2, 2020. It will be available for online purchase at WellBeingBrewing.com in 2020.

About WellBeing Brewing Company

WellBeing Brewing Company is one of the first breweries to be solely dedicated to brewing non-alcoholic craft beer. Founded in St. Louis, Mo. by proudly non-alcoholic, Jeff Stevens, WellBeing offers five signature non-alcoholic craft beers – Heavenly Body Golden Wheat, Hellraiser Dark Amber, Intrepid Traveler Coffee Cream Stout, WellBeing Victory Wheat and Intentional IPA. For more on the WellBeing Brewing Company story and to purchase beer online, visit WellBeingBrewing.com.