Virginia’s Buskey Cider Launches Nitro Cider


Richmond, VA — Buskey Cider launched two months ago in the Historic Scott’s Addition Neighborhood in Richmond, Virginia, is now producing an innovative Nitro Cider.

Team Buskey has experimented and developed a cider that through introducing nitrogen, instead of CO2, provides a rare experience for cider drinkers. Buskey’s Nitro Cider has a distinctive mouth feel that comes from the smaller bubbles which creates a smoother, creamier experience for the palate. As we hard pour the cider from a sleek chrome slow pour tower it begins to cascade developing a thick white head on top which helps to preserve fresh apple aromas.

Originally made famous by Guinness, the release of the Nitro Cider is yet another way for the cidery to appeal to the modern craft drinker who enjoys beers, wines, spirits, or meads and carries those experiences and preferences into their hard cider experience. Buskey Cider has already showcased a variety of inline infused ciders from the two Randalls in the tasting room including jalapeño-lime, cherry-lime, grapefruit-lemongrass, peach, and watermelon-rosemary, served in the ever popular beer can shaped pint glass. There is no more craft experience than fresh produce infused into your pint right before your eyes.

“We’re providing approachable, drinkable ciders in a tasting room that allows us to regularly push the envelope with new styles of cider to learn what people really enjoy and want to see more of,” said Will Correll, Founder and CEO. “Nitro beers have already been popularized so we were surprised to find that our Nitro Cider is one of the first of its kind- EVER! We are thrilled with how it turned out.”