Video: Vietnamese Police Bust Heineken Forgers

File this one under the “don’t let this happen to you” category.

Police in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, arrested three people last month on suspicion of producing fake Heineken beer, according to an article by Thanh Nien, a Vietnamese news publication.

The article says that police busted the beer forgers — Vo Dong So, 41, and Nguyen Van Tan, 34 — in the city’s Binh Chanh district as they were loading 23 cases of fake Heineken on a truck with plans to deliver them to local retailers.

The police then raided two local houses and confiscated 336 bottles of fake Heineken and arrested 46-year-old Vo Ngoc An, So’s brother. The police said that the counterfeiting ring was led by So’s other brother, Vo Hoang Giang, who escaped the raid and remains a fugitive.

The suspects said that they mixed inside a Heineken bottle one-third of the liquid from a Heineken bottle with two-thirds of the liquid of a bottle of Saigon beer, which is cheaper.

The video above, which was released by Thanh Nien last weekend, shows a group of men mixing beers together, supposedly producing fake Heineken and Tiger, another widely-sold international beer.