Video: MateVeza Founder Discusses Samuel Adams Microloan, GABF

Earlier this year, MateVeza Founder Jim Woods became the first craft brewer to receive Samuel Adams ‘Brewing The American Dream’ microloan, worth $10,000.

Woods will now have the chance to take part in their “Experienceship” program and will soon be tapping into Boston Beer Co.’s vast resources.

So how does he plan to take advantage of the opportunity?

“One of the most difficult things for me is understanding the way that these big distribution houses work,” said Woods. “Being able to operate effectively in that framework will be important and I am looking forward to the insight the will be able to lend on that.”

MateVeza also sources organic ingredients and Woods hopes to learn more about buying organic hops as he prepares for stricter regulations in 2013.

“It’s going to be more difficult to buy organic hops,” said Woods. “It will be nice to chat with them about how to prepare for the new regulations to come.”

We caught up with Woods at this year’s GABF to discuss the microloan he received earlier in the year and his plans for growth in 2012.