Urban Artifact Produces Authentic Steinbier


Cincinnati, OH — Urban Artifact is excited to announce a truly unique offering, exclusively for members of its Stein Club. The Cincinnati brewery, known for its wild beers, is set to produce an authentic stein beer in its beer garden on October 10th. The event will begin with mashing in at noon and continue throughout the day until brewing is complete. The first stones are set to be added to the kettle at approximately 3pm.

What is a steinbier you ask? A steinbier means “stone beer” in German and gets its name from the technique used to produce the beer. In order to produce a true steinbier, brewers super-heat stones and drop them into the kettle of wort to achieve boiling. This process stems from the old days, when many kettles were made of wood and could not be direct fired, as is common today.

The team at Urban Artifact cannot wait to get this annual brew started. “We are excited about brewing a beer to celebrate our stein club members using the ancient stein beer technique. It is a method that literally combines fire and brimstone to brew a beer” said Chief of Brewing Operations Bret Kollmann Baker.

While the brewing of the beer will be an event in it of itself, a live DJ will also be playing music to accentuate the festivities. Patrons will be able to observe the brewing process while enjoying music, the delicious beers on tap, and a roaring fire.