The Unknown Brewing Company Releases Vehopciraptor Triple IPA


CHARLOTTE, N.C. — The Unknown Brewing Company, located in Charlotte’s South End and just three blocks from Bank of America Stadium, unleashes its latest ferociously tasty brew ‘Vehopciraptor’ on Friday, October 7. Vehopciraptor, a triple India pale ale (IPA) and Queen City favorite, will be sold in 22-ounce bottles and on draft.

Named after the velociraptor, a predatory dinosaur that was known to be a speedy thief, The Unknown’s Vehopciraptor will quickly capture the taste buds of anyone who takes a sip. The triple IPA beer, which rates a 90 on the International Bitterness Unit (IBU) scale and has a 9.9% alcohol by volume (ABV) content, was brewed with seven hops and nine hop additions, providing a smooth initial taste along with a strong citrus scent.

The Unknown Brewing Company owner, Brad Shell, advises beer drinkers not to be fooled by the high IBU rating. Although Vehopciraptor is heavy on the hops, they are well balanced throughout to give this brew a great nose and a huge hop nectar.

“At The Unknown, we tend to come up with our beer names before we even come up with our recipe,” said Shell. “When we thought of the name ‘Vehopciraptor’, it just made sense for us to try to harness the power of the velociraptor, a crazy beast, by adding as many hops as we wanted to make our own type of smooth-tasting beast in a triple IPA.”

This will be the third release of the customer-favorite beer from The Unknown Brewing Company. However, similar to its extinct namesake, Vehopciraptor is a seasonal brew and will only be available for a limited time.

To try The Unknown’s new release of Vehopciraptor, visit The Unknown Brewing Company at 1327 South Mint Street in Charlotte, NC. Vehopciraptor will also be available in select locations in North Carolina, South Carolina and Atlanta.

For more on The Unknown’s hours of operation, brewery tour schedule and special events, visit or call 980.237.2628.

About Unknown Brewing Company

The Unknown Brewing Company, located in Charlotte’s South End neighborhood and just three blocks from Bank of America Stadium, is a local craft brewery that made Charlotte its home in 2013 when owner Brad Shell opened the 22,500-square-foot brew house. The Unknown Brewing Company’s culture is about breaking the mold and making exceptional beer, which includes a variety of unique seasonal and mainstay brews. For more information, visit