Uinta Brewing Unveils New Logo and Packaging Scheme

Uinta Brewing new logo

Salt Lake City, UT – Uinta Brewing Company reveals an updated company logo along with an evolved packaging scheme that brings greater brand recognition across their offerings.

Designed by Sincerely Truman of Portland, OR, the refreshed logo further embraces use of a compass, Uinta’s company icon. “The compass symbolizes our adventurous spirit, sense of direction in brewing, and serves as a reminder to get out and get lost every once in awhile,” says Will Hamill, Uinta’s Founder. While the new logo eliminates Uinta’s namesake East to West running mountain range illustration, the E-W running compass needle remains as a nod to the quirky, a-typical range that, like the brewery, runs in its own direction.

The vintage, WPA (Works Progress Administration) influenced illustration-style that has been intrinsic to the Uinta brand will remain, in fact, many of Uinta’s current core illustrations by Emrich Co., were slightly modified to fit the new design layout. “Product evaluation and improvement is an ongoing part of our process at Uinta and that doesn’t stop with the beer inside the bottle,” explains Lindsay Berk, Uinta’s Chief Branding Officer. “With this packaging ‘refresh’, we weren’t looking to re-invent ourselves or throw-out existing brand equity. And so we didn’t. We titled this project ‘Uintafication’, which to us, meant celebrating our brand by bringing it front and center, across our many offerings. We’re proud of our beer portfolio and the brand we’ve been building for 24 years, ‘Uinta-fying’ was a necessary step.”

Uinta Brewing bottle labels

With more craft beers on the market than ever before, the redesign helps Uinta’s many products band together. Uinta offers a diverse portfolio of beers influenced by assorted landscapes and experiences– the new packaging brings that to the shelf. Uinta partnered with Anderson Design Group, out of Nashville, TN for it’s illustration update. The firm’s reputation for creating classic, WPA-esque landscape and National Park illustrations enticed Uinta, and proved to integrate nicely into its aesthetic. “The new design approach is influenced by traditional shelf-blocking strategy”, says Berk, “however, we aimed to tell a bigger story through our packaging by incorporating the surroundings and characters that make life’s adventures memorable.”

Uinta’s new company logo will begin to appear as early as this week. By June of this year, the updated packaging scheme is anticipated to hit shelves in all 35 of Uinta’s distribution states.

Uinta Brewing Company:

Uinta Brewing Company’s journey began in 1993 with the reality that passion for craft beer and a hankering for the great outdoors could align in Salt Lake City, UT. Named after the only major east-west running mountain range located in the continental U.S., the Uinta team is ‘in-ta’ embracing their roots and spreading their wings. Built on an axis point that endorses sustainability, community involvement and innovation, their compass guides them on a path to admirable, consistent craft beer leading consumers to discover a brand with passion, personality and soul. Precisely, great beer is Uinta’s True North.