The Booth Brewing Co. Reformulates This Is Not a Bro Deal Hop Ale

EUREKA, Calif. — The Booth Brewing is bringing back a fan favorite brew from last year, This Is Not a Bro Deal Hop Ale, a much-awaited return for The Booth fans. This New England IPA returns with a revamped recipe and a well-curated selection of some of the highest quality hops around the world.

“We wanted to recreate this brew that balances modern and traditional elements. The lemon-citrusy aroma from the Experimental hop 04190 combined with our carefully selected hops deliver a juicy hop explosion!” said head brewer Aaron Weshnak.

At 6.5% Alc./Vol., this hazy blend strikes a delicate balance between old and new school hops. Pouring a golden yellow hue, this hop ale boasts juicy aromas of Meyer lemon, pear and plum with subtle hints of tangerine. The combination of Amarillo, Glacier, Waimea and Experimental 04190 hops wrap up into one mouth-watering experience. After the first sip, you’ll understand why This Is Not a Bro Deal!

This limited release is available now in Humboldt County and Northern California in both cans and sixtel/half barrel kegs. To find more of The Booth’s brews check out

About The Booth Brewing Co.

The Booth Brewing Co. started off as a small pizza pub in Seoul, Korea in May 2013. It was founded by three friends whose love of craft beer brought them together. They also shared an ambition to create a “booth” where young-minded people could gather to change the world while enjoying quality beer. Four years since its birth, The Booth extended its operations into the current Eureka facility, which was formerly owned by Lost Coast Brewery, becoming the first Asian craft brewery to brew in the US. Since then, it has been catching the attention of many local and international craft beer lovers.