Terminal Gravity Brewing Shifts Packaging to Cans

The switch will put Terminal Gravity’s flagship brand IPA and seasonal brands Tap Out and Festivale in cans for the first time.

ENTERPRISE, Ore. – Eastern Oregon craft brewery Terminal Gravity Brewing is shifting its focus away from glass bottles to aluminum cans.

The long established craft brewery will now be packaging previously bottled brands IPA, Tap Out Strong Ale, and Festivale Winter Strong Ale in 12 ounce cans. IPA and Tap Out will be hitting shelves in March, and expect to see Festivale in October for the winter season.

The new cans will still have their classic branding from the bottles, with the exception of Tap Out, which is getting a brand refresh. The fan-favorite American strong ale now has bold red lettering to go along with the beer’s high alcohol content.

The change to cans, which was planned for more than a year, is something the brewery sees as a catalyst for higher beer quality, operational efficiency, and ultimately, growth. Selling their bottler means the quality assurance and packaging teams can focus on canning, and it opens up much-needed space in the brewery. Terminal Gravity has seen the market demand trend towards cans over bottles for the last few years, making the switch a more obvious choice.

“We purchased a canning line and packaged our first canned beer, Eagle Cap IPA, in 2017, and have seen all our canned beers take off from there. Meanwhile, our bottle sales have flat-lined or slumped. We’re finding more and more customers want their beer in a can along with our distributors and retail partners” said Natalie Millar, General Manager/CFO of Terminal Gravity.

The often-discussed benefits of cans include the portability and versatility for the outdoors, their lower cost to store and ship, their lighter weight compared to bottles, and their stackability in refrigerators, which store owners prefer.

Terminal Gravity’s switch to cans comes at a time when the supply chain for aluminum cans is fractured. Many independent breweries have had a hard time securing cans due to the increased demand during the last year. That’s why for all Terminal Gravity cans, customers will notice ridges on the top. The retro-looking cans offered the brewery the best chance for a consistent supply.

For help finding Terminal Gravity beer in a specific area, Terminal Gravity encourages customers to message them on Facebook or Instagram.

About Terminal Gravity

Terminal Gravity Brewing was founded in 1997 in Enterprise, Oregon, a small town at the foothills of the Wallowa Mountains. It puts brewing traditional English and German craft beers at the forefront of its business, and features a relaxing brewpub attached to the brewery that embodies the spirit of the Wallowa Mountains. Terminal Gravity craft beers are available across Oregon, Washington, and Western Idaho. More information is at www.terminalgravitybrewing.com

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