Taste Radio Ep. 86: Using Technology to Sell More Beer

Mark Young wants to help bar owners sell more beer.

Who is Mark Young? He’s the founder and CEO of Beerboard, a beer management platform that enables breweries, restaurants, and bars to make real-time marketing decisions about their beer selection.

Young recently visited the Brewbound headquarters in Watertown, Massachusetts, to share his company’s story with the BevNET Taste Radio podcast.

During the interview with BevNET CMO Mike Schneider and Brewbound editor Chris Furnari, Young explained how the technology he’s selling to bar owners is serving as a solution that helps the entire supply chain operate more efficiently.

“Technology should fill a void and a gap, for it to be valuable and something that somebody would want to purchase to make their life easier,” he said. “That is what we focus on, and that is the challenge to explain — this is a product that can help you sell more beer and make your life easier.”

Beerboard currently works with large chains such as Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters and World of Beer, among others. It recently inked deals with 30 Twin Peaks locations and began working with Victory Brewing Company.

You can listen to Young’s interview on episode 86 of Taste Radio here.