K&G Data Solutions Launches Cloud-Based Brew-Q Software

Brew-Q Logo

Ridgewood, NJ – On May 3rd, K&G Data Solutions released a cloud-based version of their quality software, Brew-Q. Focusing on feature-rich customization and streamlining data entry and reporting, Brew-Q offers a way for breweries to move beyond spreadsheets and simple data entry programs.

“By offering a cloud based solution, we open the door to breweries of every size.” said Fletcher Keil, co-founder of K&G Data Solutions. “This allows for easy multi-site installations, mobile accessibility, and a higher ROI.”

Brew-Q offers a monthly plan and runs in a web browser offering various data analysis, entry, and reporting components. Breweries can now use Brew-Q to enter sensory analysis results, trace blended batches back to the source, and have a full backup of data.

Brew-Q can be customized on a user-to-user basis allowing each person to set up their own variation of the software reflecting their role in the brewery. It also has the capability to import past data so users won’t have to start with a clean slate. Every aspect of using the software is designed to offer a simple and intuitive experience.

“A brewery can purchase the software online, follow our set-up wizard to get familiar with the features, and begin entering quality data in minutes.” Keil said. “We wanted to make it easy for breweries to get up and running in as little time as possible.”