JVNW Builds Its Largest Automated Brewhouse For Isle Brewers Guild


Canby, Ore. — Manufacturers of custom brewing systems, JVNW announced that they are completing a state-of-the-art 100 BBL 4-vessel automated brewing system that will soon travel the length of the country to find its home at the Isle Brewers Guild (IBG) in Pawtucket, RI. The brewhouse is PLC controlled including a fully sequenced CIP system and is the largest undertaking for the company who manufactures 100% of their equipment in Oregon.

The system will certainly be put to the test as it produces an assortment of beer styles from established mid to large-size craft breweries looking to expand their capacity, sales and distribution. Isle Brewers Guild is a Partner Brewery, where brewers will brew their beer under the care and supervision of their own brewmaster. IBG co-founder, Devin Kelly, emphasizes “our goal is to provide for our partner brewers an efficient brewing solution with better control and customer service. JVNW has been a great partner throughout the planning process, and we are thrilled to be working with a US company with a long history of brewing.” Due to the high volume required of the JVNW brewing system, along with the numerous brewing techniques that will be required, the brewhouse features a number of custom designs. “This equipment was made to very exact specifications from IBG and will serve the Pawtucket brewing community well” says Jared McClintock of JVNW with a smile on his face, “we had a lot of fun making this system for them.”

Due to increasing demand within the craft segment, the need for additional capacity remains a fundamental issue for craft brewers. The JVNW brewhouse will provide brewers with all the flexibility of their own brewery without the capital exposure. The IBG Venture goes beyond brewing and will provide:

  • Over 4,000 sq. ft. retail operation with tasting room and function facility
  • Educational courses in brewing and fermentation science
  • Wide range of raw material and ingredient options
  • A wide range of packaging options including high speed can and keg lines

About JVNW, Inc.:

JVNW, Inc. is a manufacturer of custom beer tanks and craft brewing systems in Canby, OR. Founded in 1981, JVNW is proud to be one of the early pioneers of today’s successful Craft Brewing Industry. The country’s first legal turn-key brewpub was designed and built by JVNW way back in 1983 right outside the University of California gates in Berkeley. Triple Rock has expanded over the years but still runs profitably on its original brewhouse.