Hopsy Introduces Compact Countertop Draft Beer Appliance

NEW YORK — Hopsy, the only direct-to-consumer draft beer service, today unveiled the innovative and streamlined SUB Compact home draft beer machine that fits easily on the kitchen countertop. Designed by KRUPS, the company synonymous with design and engineering precision, the SUB Compact is a small “plug-and-pour” appliance and is the only way to enjoy beers from Hopsy’s award-winning brewery partners on draft, right in the comfort of your home or office. The SUB Compact allows you to say goodbye to bottles and cans and drink beer the way the brewers intended: fresh, chilled and on tap. The new SUB Compact is produced exclusively for Hopsy customers and can be pre-ordered today.

“The latest in on-demand tap beer technology, the SUB Compact is an essential countertop appliance for any beer drinker. It builds upon our original concept, but amazingly takes up 30% less space. Now we can serve up tap beer for the home, office or anywhere in the smallest, most elegant form factor on the market,” said Sebastien Tron, Hopsy’s founder and CEO. “For beer aficionados and casual drinkers, the SUB Compact brings the best taste and experience into the home with a rotation of beers recommended for you based on your preferences, including IPA’s, crafts, lagers and imports.”

How It Works

The SUB Compact works with Hopsy’s two-liter mini-kegs. Each keg contains 67-ounces of beer (approximately six servings), that have been carefully selected from award-winning breweries. It chills beer to 35.6-degrees Fahrenheit and once tapped keeps it fresh for two weeks.


The SUB Compact is intuitive and easy to use. Users simply insert the mini-keg into the SUB Compact, slip the tube through the tap, close the door of the SUB Compact and pull the handle to enjoy quality draft beer. No CO2 cartridge or specific maintenance is required. The SUB Compact includes its own refrigeration system and keeps beer fresh and always ready to drink.

Design Excellence

Not only does the SUB Compact’s high-end design take up minimal counter space, it has also been perfected to apply just the right amount of pressure to ensure the best quality taste and experience. The SUB Compact’s one-of-a-kind horizontal design increases the contact area between the cooling chamber and the mini-keg, quickly chilling your beer. The unique technology of the mini-keg packaging prevents any contact of the beer with the air. Heat produced by the SUB Compact is released in order to keep your mini-keg perfectly chilled. The SUB Compact is equipped with an electronic temperature sensor to ensure an ideal service temperature. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

Wide Selection

Hopsy delivers and rotates hundreds of standout beers from nearly 30 different brands, from Lagunitas to Gordon Biersch and Dos Equis to Lionshead. Consumers across the U.S. are now able to order everyday favorites and discover amazing new beers on tap from both local and international breweries — without having to leave their living room, “man cave” or office. Hopsy works directly with top brewers to source the best beers and also give consumers access to their limited releases, on tap, at home. By partnering directly with the brewmasters, Hopsy guarantees the highest level of freshness. Hopsy’s carefully curated selection adds new beers every month to feature the latest and greatest from its partners. Hopsy welcomes customers to select from a variety of beer styles, from IPAs to lagers, and stouts to Pilsners, Hopsy has offerings for every taste.

The Hopsy Beer Club

Consumers can sit back, relax and discover new, award-winning brews by joining the Hopsy Beer Club. With various options and no long-term commitment, Club members can receive mini-kegs every four to six weeks and save up to 30%. Hopsy sends Club members an email with its recommendations for their shipment and then customers can keep those choices or swap them with any beers they’d prefer. Club members can also choose how often they want new shipments and when they want them delivered. Simply pick the day when it’s most convenient to receive your beers, and Hopsy will get them delivered to your door.

The Tab

For a limited time, the SUB Compact is available for pre-order for $149.99, a 50% savings. Individual mini-kegs can then be purchased for as little as $14.99.

To learn more and to pre-order the SUB Compact, visit www.hopsy.beer/compact.

About Hopsy

Hopsy is the only direct-to-consumer beer service that brings the taproom experience to your home with the SUB draft beer system. Hopsy offers a rotation of beers with personalized recommendations, including IPA’s, crafts, lagers and imports, delivered conveniently right to your home or office. Based in New York, NY, Hopsy is available in markets across the country. For more information, visit https://hopsy.beer