Stem Ciders Launches Canned Product Line


Denver, Colo. — Stem Ciders has introduced three of its popular ciders in cans for greater portability, accessibility and enjoyment across the state. Cans are now available at retail, bar and restaurant locations across Colorado’s front range.

Stem Ciders, of Denver, Colorado, is the vision and creation of Eric Foster and Phil Kao, two passionate entrepreneurs and cider enthusiasts dedicated to reviving the cider tradition. Operating as a successful craft cidery and taproom in the heart of Denver’s RiNo Arts District since December 2013, Stem aims to be a production and distribution-focused company with the goal of targeted, national distribution.

“Stem Ciders is committed to creating ciders of the highest quality that honor the purity and complexity inherent to the apple”, says co-founder, Eric Foster. “We hold our growers in the highest regard, and by fostering relationships with them, reward their hard work in promoting the regrowth of heirloom apple cultivation throughout the U.S.”

Stem has created a reputable and recognizable brand in the diverse category of craft cider, and as such, has received critical acclaim and awards at both the local and national level.