Statewide Craft Beer Trail Launches for Oklahoma

OKLAHOMA – The Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma (CBAO) and Oklahoma Agritourism announced their partnership in launching the state’s first Craft Beer Trail in a press conference held at Lively Beerworks in Oklahoma City Tuesday, July 20.

The Trail boasts 60 Oklahoma craft breweries with five distinct regions – Central, Northeast, Northwest, Southwest and Southeast. The trail gives Oklahoma a unique sector in the ag industry through their agritourism programs as breweries have also partnered with the Made in Oklahoma program and Made in Oklahoma Coalition.

The branding, developed by Brian Welzbacher with, hones in on finding your craft and the use of a compass to navigate your way across the trail. Inspired by the Southwest with the colors, Welzbacher. also incorporated the four elements of brewing in the design including the hop cone pointing north, three arms representing barley chaff and four small dots that are representing the yeast surrounded by water.

“Our craft beer industry continues to grow in Oklahoma with an economic impact of $700 million a year,” said CBAO executive director Tabbi Burwell. “As we develop this trail and continue to push for more tourism in taprooms, a craft beer trail only helps put our state on the map after years of pushing for modernization.”

The Craft Brewers Association of Oklahoma, Inc. (CBAO) is dedicated to educating and creating awareness among legislators, regulators and the general public of the issues facing the craft brewing industry in Oklahoma, and to promoting a healthy economic environment that enables public choices in the marketplace for the consumer, and opportunity and access to the marketplace by Oklahoma breweries. Oklahoma Agritourism is a marketing program within the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture, Food and Forestry. The program promotes agriculture experiences throughout the state.

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