Novo Brazil Brewing Co. Releases Bossa Haze Double IPA

NOVO BRAZIL Brewing Co. Releases Bossa Haze

Chula Vista, CA — Novo Brazil Brewing Co. is releasing Bossa Haze, a 100% grain Double IPA made with imported malt, galaxy hops in the boil, whirlpool and dry hopping stage. Hopped with a whopping seven pounds of hops per barrel.

Completely unfiltered, the velvety golden appearance is due to dissolved solids, protein, and yeast haze and the multiple grains used. The tropical fruit nose is just as tantalizing as the famous Bossa Nova music of Brazil.

Very limited quantity.

Brewery release 3/18 12noon.

60 IBU 7.6% ABV

16oz 4pk/ 1/6 & ½ Barrels