Non-Alc Tech Company Point 5 Brewing Launches in Massachusetts


Point 5 Brewing LLC is a Woburn Massachusetts based brewing technology company founded by MIT engineer Ronan McGovern. We’ve built a working technology platform that turns any fermented beverage – beer, wine, cider – into a non alcoholic drink with a true taste. We Call this technology capability Point 5 Brands. Our first product, Point 5 Non Alcoholic Beer, is crisp, refreshing and almost indistinguishable in taste from a fully fermented American light lager and has been retailing in bottles direct to consumers online from summer 2020. Our long-term vision is to create true to taste non alcoholic alternatives for all fermented beverages. On 23 November 2020 we launch a Kickstarter campaign running until 23 December 2020 to produce Point 5 Non Alcoholic Beer, at scale, in cans. Our funding target is $25,000. The move from bottles to cans is the next step on our roadmap to ensuring Point 5 Brands is a success.


While the non alcoholic market has been growing in recent years, it is still a tiny fraction of the alcohol market. We think the reason is simple: non-alcoholic beverages suck when it comes to delivering a genuine taste. A true taste is what makes us different. At Point 5, we deliver fully fermented beverages – with alcohol removed.


We start with a fully fermented product, brewed with traditional methods – since that is the only way to get a genuine taste and aroma. We then precisely remove the alcohol at low temperature, using our RevosTM technology. No heat is required so no flavors evaporate. There’s no need to add flavors back in so you only taste the product’s genuine fermented flavor. None of the methods for producing non-alcoholic beverages out there today yield a product with true fully-fermented taste. The Point 5 Brands Technology Platform makes this much easier.


Point 5 happened almost by accident. While learning about desalination at MIT, Ronan discovered that desalination technology held the key to a better non-alcoholic beer. The technology he developed – now the foundation for Point 5 – precisely removes alcohol from fermented beverages in a way that no other process can, leaving flavor and aroma intact for an incredible match on taste.

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