New York Based North Shore Bottling Company Announces Renewed Focus On Craft Brands

BROOKLYN, NEW YORK – North Shore Bottling Company (NBSC) has announced they will be reviewing entries in the craft beer category and partnering up with brands to expand their portfolio.

NSBC has coverage throughout the NYC metropolitan area and is currently servicing many major chains throughout the city.

“We are extremely well positioned in the NYC marketplace to provide skillful brewers with an alternative to the run of the mill houses who overlook the up and coming brands in favor of larger brands,” said Steve Torres of North Shore Bottling Company. “In addition, our capabilities of elevating brands who are disadvantaged in smaller distribution houses is incomparable.”

North Shore’s craft beer portfolio extension program is also lead by industry veteran Steve Parano.

Any craft brands looking for distribution in NYC, please email

About North Shore Bottling Company

Based in Brooklyn, New York, NSBC was founded in the 1930’s as a beer importer and distributor and is once again focusing on emerging beer brands.