New Wisconsin Cider Maker Introduces Products

STEVENS POINT, WIS — Ciderboys Cider Co., a new Wisconsin cider maker based in Stevens Point, introduces its family of carbonated craft hard ciders statewide this week, with other states to follow shortly. Ciderboys handcrafts two year-round hard ciders, First Press Traditional Hard Cider and Magic Apple Apple Strawberry Hard Cider, and two seasonal flavors, Cranberry Road Apple Cranberry Hard Cider for the fall and Mad Bark Apple Cinnamon Hard Cider for the winter.

Magic Apple, Cranberry Road and Mad Bark represent “fruitful pairings” featuring mouth-watering complementary flavors. Magic Apple blends crisp apple cider with the taste of fresh strawberries while Cranberry Road features a tart splash of cranberries. Mad Bark offers the sweetness of apple enlivened by the aromatic spiciness of natural cinnamon. Starting November 12, the gluten-free hard ciders are available in six-packs of 12-oz bottles at retail stores across Wisconsin, and on draft at select bars, taverns and restaurants.

“Hard cider has been enjoyed in this country since colonial days; it’s as American as apple pie,” said Gabe Hopkins, Head Cider Maker at the Cider Boys cidery. “Today hard cider is one of the fastest growing segments of the adult beverage market,” he said.

According to market research, U.S. hard cider sales for both domestic and imported brands grew by 23 percent in 2010 and by more than 28 percent last year.

“At Ciderboys, we think that growth is going to continue, especially after hard-cider fans discover our products,” Hopkins said. “Now is the perfect time for Wisconsin hard-cider lovers to welcome a new family to the neighborhood.”

Making Ciderboys Craft Hard Ciders:
Ciderboys hard ciders are made with juice from fresh Washington State apples. The juice is fermented at cool temperatures in shining stainless steel tanks. Ciderboys uses a special hard-cider yeast imported from France, where hard ciders have quenched thirsts since the
Middle Ages.

“Our fermentation process is cool and slow, taking approximately two weeks for each batch,” Hopkins explained. “When fermentation is complete, the cider goes through a filtration process that renders a clear, sparkling liquid.”

When making Cranberry Road and Magic Apple, the Ciderboys cider makers blend cranberry and strawberry juice in with the apple juice. To make Mad Bark, they boil more than 100 lbs. of natural cinnamon sticks and blend the resulting extract into the cider before fermentation. No sugar is added to any of the products, which are naturally gluten free, Hopkins said.

Each Ciderboys craft hard cider is a refreshing, fruity festival of flavor. “Hard ciders offer a realm of flavors ranging from sweet to tart, and our products cover that entire taste spectrum,” Hopkins said. “First Press is a traditional cider that’s on the sweet side, while Cranberry Road is very much on the tart side as you might expect. Magic Apple and Mad Bark fall somewhere in between.”


Ciderboys Cider Co.Ciderboys Cider Co., founded in Stevens Point, Wis., produces traditional hard cider as well as unique fruity hard ciders made by blending unexpected fresh fruit flavors with the crisp taste of apple. All Ciderboys hard ciders are made using pure apple juice from Washington State apples. For more information about Ciderboys Cider Co., visit

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