NDN Brands Releases Jai Ho Midnight Premium IPA

HOUSTON– NDN Brands is proud to officially release its flagship beer Jai Ho Midnight. Slow brewed with organic barley malt, hops and the crystal clear water from the Scandinavian underground, one sip of this premium India Pale Ale will have people shouting Jai Ho!

Jai Ho Midnight has a red orange pour with a frothy white head and a smooth, citrus aroma. It has a bold hop bite measuring 621 IBUs (International Bitterness Units), where the average IPA ranges from 40-60 IBUs. Midnight’s hoppiness paired with its light finish perfectly compliments spicy and savory dishes from East to West.

Jai Ho Midnight is brewed at Svaneke Bryghus, one of the first microbreweries to open in Denmark. A 100 percent organic craft brewery, widely known for its authentic taste, sustainable production methods and wide range of speciality beers. “Time, water and weather are three incredibly important ingredient in giving beer its balanced and perfectly rounded taste,” said Jai Patel, CEO, NDN Brands. “That’s why Jai Ho Midnight is expertly slow brewed for 49 days while other companies rush to get it out the door, and why we only source our water from healthy, agriculturally rich regions.”

Jai Ho Midnight is 5.7 percent ABV and is available in 16.9 fl. oz. bottles in bars and restaurants across the distribution footprint.

“In today’s digital world, people fill most of their daily needs online. There’s very little that can’t be done with a few keystrokes, but there’s absolutely nothing like quality human interaction,” said Sarah Sanderson, CMO, NDN Brands. “That’s why we strive to service businesses in the restaurant and bar industry. Places where people go to enjoy genuine personal and social relationships.”

Jai Ho, an Indian word meaning “praise” or “cheers.” Imagine if Jai Ho became the new universal phrase to toast all major life events, or even just the end of a long work week. Go ahead and try it out. Raise a glass to the new beer on the block. Jai Ho!

For more information on Jai Ho Midnight, visit www.jaihobeer.com and follow on Instagram (@jaihobeer), Twitter (@jaihobeer) and Facebook.

About NDN Brands

NDN Brands’ mission is to create premium, organic alcoholic beverages made with the highest quality ingredients, exceeding the current offerings on the market. For more news and information on NDN Brands, please visit www.ndnbrands.com.