Nashville’s Party Fowl and TailGate Brewery Team Up for “Dill With It” Pickle Beer

NASHVILLE — Any Nashville Hot Chicken dish is incomplete without a piece of white bread, crisp dill pickles and a cold beer. That’s why Nashville’s very own hot chicken hot spot Party Fowl and TailGate Brewery have teamed up to create the ultimate Hot Chicken thirst-quencher – a dill pickle Kölsch beer aptly called “Dill With It,” available exclusively at Party Fowl’s four Middle Tennessee locations.

Brewed with a hearty amount of pickle juice, this beer is light and crisp with a punch of dill pickle flavor. “Dill With It” is designed to complement the hottest hot chicken, like Party Fowl’s “Poultrygeist,” with a slight malt sweetness on the front end with a hint of both tartness and salt that culminates to a fast, dry finish begging for another sip. Keeping with traditional Kölsch brewing styles, this beer was brewed using ale yeast and fermented at cooler, lager-like temperatures.

The beer is available now at all four of Party Fowl’s Middle Tennessee locations for a limited time.

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