Modern Times Releases Fruitlands Cherry Gose


San Diego, Calif. — Our newest 22 oz. special release is fresh off the bottling line, and coming at you just in time to help smooth the transition from Summer to Fall. Fruitlands, our seriously refreshing cherry gose, is as uniquely complex and satisfying as a freshly solved Rubix cube.

First, we created a traditional gose mash with loads of salt and coriander. Next, we dosed it with 4 different strains of Lactobacillus to create the perfect funky, salty base beer. Finally, once fermentation finished, we added a healthy portion of tart Michigan grown Montmorency cherry juice. And voila, Fruitlands is born.

At 4.9%, this effervescent cherry bomb is the perfect complement to the last few weeks of high summer temperatures before Fall makes its official arrival. Fruitlands is on draft and in 22oz. bottles TODAY in both tasting rooms, and ships out for distribution the end of this week.

FYI: Because we used real cherry juice to make this very tasty beer, you may find some sediment in the bottles. That’s just fiber/pectin from the cherries, and it is totally harmless. A careful pour will keep it out of your glass entirely.