Medalla Expands to New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Wisconsin

ORLANDO, Florida – Medalla Light continues to make its way into the United States market, this time arriving in the states of New Hampshire, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

“This has been an unprecedented expansion plan for Medalla Light and it has been made possible not only because of the response of Puerto Rican residents in the eastern U.S. coast but also because of the quality of our product. The name Medalla Light has its place among connoisseurs of good beer and we continue to bet on conquering their palates,” said Jorge Bracero, Chief Marketing Officer of Cervecera de Puerto Rico.

In the three states, Medalla Light will be available in 10 oz cans, 12 oz bottles and the newer 7 oz bottles, known as Medallita Light.

Distribution in New Hampshire, a state with an estimated population of more than 20,000 Puerto Ricans, will be handled by Bellavance Beverage.

“We’re pleased to add Medalla Light to our portfolio of brands and to please retailers who have been requesting it,” said Joe Bellavance Jr, President at Bellavance Beverage. For Tennessee, Cervecera de Puerto Rico entered into a distribution agreement with two companies, Ajax Distributor and Tri-Star Beverage. “Beer is a product in high demand and we are confident that the arrival of Medalla Light will open up new opportunities for this segment,” said Kyle Lawing, Brand Management & Marketing Director of Ajax Distributor.

Chris Davis, Import & Craft Manager of Tri-Star Beverage added “the Puerto Rican community is eager to be able to enjoy Medalla Light dining out and in their homes, so we predict great success for the brand.” It is estimated that more than 35,000 Puerto Ricans live in Tennessee.In Wisconsin, the distribution to restaurants and retail establishments will be managed by Beechwood Sales & Services, a company with a solid track record of more than 34 years in beverage distribution.

“It is estimated that about 65,000 Puerto Ricans reside in that state and we are sure that, like in other markets, they will give a warm welcome to Medalla Light,” expressed Bracero.

Medalla Light is available in Florida, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Maryland, Washington D.C., New York, Rhode Island and now in Wisconsin, Tennessee and New Hampshire. For a total of 13 U.S. continental territories.

About Medalla Light

Brewed by the sea on the tropical island of Puerto Rico at one of the leading barley-based companies in Latin America and the Caribbean, the iconic Medalla Light Beer was added to Cervecera de Puerto Rico’s portfolio in 1980 as its first-ever light beer. Its name, which means medal in Spanish, was inspired by the Pan-American Games held on the island when it was created. Medalla Light’s reputation for its premium quality and crisp, refreshing taste has quickly become the beer of choice for those seeking a chance to celebrate. Medalla Light has won multiple awards and has earned worldwide recognition at the Monde Selection in Brussels, the North American Beer Awards, and the Australian International Beer Awards.

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