Marin Expands Distribution of Mt. Tam Pale Ale


Larkspur, Calif. — For the first time ever, the Marin Brewing Company has expanded distribution across the United States of our best-selling flagship beer, Mt. Tam Pale Ale. The popular brew is now available canned in stores around the country.

The new distribution plans place the award-winning pale ale in more than 20 states, an increase from its prior footprint in California. Beer lovers in Portland, Las Vegas, Reno, San Diego, Phoenix and many other cities can now enjoy a taste of Marin. In addition, we’ll ship six-packs to Australia.

Canning the beer is the next logical step in our continued growth nationwide. Cans are easier to ship, provide greater shelf life and help to ensure beer always arrives fresh. Cans are also more environmentally friendly. Unlike glass bottles, cans are almost always welcomed in public places, such as golf courses, picnics in the park, pools, boats and the beach.

Long time fans of Marin Brewing Company outside of the home state of California have been asking for this expansion. We have received regular requests on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and social media for wider distribution, and we’re thrilled to answer with a yes. In the future, we will also roll out our second canned beer when we introduce our popular Bluebeery Ale to craft beer lovers.

About Marin Brewing Company

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