Manzanita Brewing Company Adds Cans to the Line Up

East County San Diego, CA – While there may be some that only drink their craft brew of choice from a bottle, canning is quickly taking the lead as the popular packaging for craft beer. And lets face it, canning is a great way to get beer to your mouth. Owner Jeff Trevaskis stated, “It’s just good for the beer and a logical choice for us as a brewery to turn to canning. San Diego is our test market, we plan to do a wider release but we wanted to test everything out at our home base. So far we have gotten excellent feed back from our San Diego release.”

We made the choice to can all six of our core beers, in the 12-ounce format. Our lower ABV beers, which include Riverwalk Blonde, Rustic Horizon and Prospect Pale, are available in a six-pack format. While the higher ABV beers, Iron Mountain IPA, Gillespie Brown and Chaotic are available in four-pack format.

Look for them around San Diego, in bars, restaurants and liquor stores, as well as in our Tasting Room. We will also keep you updated when the cans will be offered in a wider area. Taste our Passion in the new “Canzanita” format.