Mad River Brewing Releases Humboldt Brownie Double Brown Ale

BLUE LAKE, Calif. — Mad River Brewing Company is pleased to announce the first release of the 2018 Artisan Reserve Series, Humboldt Brownie Double Brown Ale. The Artisan Reserve Series is a seasonal rotation of 22oz bottles and draft offering a new style each quarter.

Humboldt Brownie is deep in color and decedent in flavor with rich aromas and flavors of fresh brownies. A 2015 Silver Medal Winner from the Great American Beer Festival (GABF), Humboldt Brownie is food for the malt lover’s soul.

“Humboldt Brownie is a personal favorite of mine,” said Brewmaster Dylan Schatz. “Based on one of my homebrew recipes from ages ago. With all honesty, the true inspiration for this brew comes from Charlie Papazian himself. His recipe for ‘Buzzdigh Moog’ in his book ‘the Homebrewer’s Companion’ was a jumping off point. Much evolved over the years, Humboldt Brownie is certainly its own beast of creation at this point, though I believe Charlie would appreciate this incarnation of a double brown ale.”

This dessert like creation comes from a mash of two-row pale malt, Munich 10, Vienna, Crystal 70/80, Aromatic, Chocolate malt and Black Patent malts with Nugget hops for light bittering and Cascade and Willamette hops for flavor and finish. The finale is a 9% ABV liquid brownie with 37.1 IBU’s.

Located in stores throughout California you can find this decadent Stout in the 22 ounce section of your favorite craft beer store or local market.

About Mad River Brewing Company

Located in Humboldt County, California Mad River Brewing Company has been practicing the most traditional brewing methods for 28 years. Mad River’s flagship, Steelhead Extra Pale Ale and their other award winning brews have become renowned nationwide for their unique flavor profile and consistent quality through dedication to the breweries mission, “to produce the highest quality craft beer possible”. Now in their third decade, they continue to pursue outstanding ales which transcend boundaries and expand the art of brewing.