Luna Bay Booch Expands Distribution to New York City

NEW YORK CITY – Luna Bay Hard Kombucha is bringing its mellow coastal flavors and big city buzz to New York City through an exclusive partnership with Sarene Craft Beer Distributors. New York brings Luna Bay’s state count up to 8, fulfilling its desire to reach health-minded drinkers from coast to coast.

Sarene is a family-grown business created to improve the way alcohol distribution functions in New York and the other states they service. Luna Bay will serve as its first and only hard kombucha sitting alongside a strong portfolio of craft beers. Through Sarene’s relationships throughout New York City, Luna Bay will gain a noticeable footprint in local grocery stores, restaurants, bars, bodegas, and liquor shops to ultimately become NYC’s boozy booch of choice.

Bridget Connelly, CEO of Luna Bay, shares her excitement to touch down in NYC with Sarene as their strategic partner, “Luna Bay is ready to take on New York. We know this market is looking for a hard kombucha like ours. We never expected to launch in this dream city during our first year in business, but the demand for better-for-you ingredients and alcohol are both currently soaring. By teaming up with Sarene, we are able to bring booch to the NYC masses. We are thrilled to be able to grow with this innovative distribution partner.”

“We’ve been approached by a number of hard kombucha companies and have been excited to enter the segment, but we always want to make sure that any brand we represent is of the highest quality and brings value to both our retailer partners and the end consumer. After meeting with Luna Bay we were blown away by their amazing kombucha, and we strongly believe in their team to continue to bring innovative and high quality products into the market going forward.” – Matthew Schulman, CEO of Sarene Craft Beer Distributors

Luna Bay maintains its three core flavors – Palo Santo Blueberry, Hibiscus Lavender, Ginger Lemon – that are made with real fruit, herbs and yerba mate tea. Each can is vegan, gluten-free and made with non-GMO ingredients. Luna Bay is naturally fermented to 6% ABV for a boozy bite. All flavors will be available in 12 ounce 4-packs and 16 ounce singles. Learn more about Luna Bay and its mission at and @lunabaybooch.

About Luna Bay Booch

Luna Bay was born out of a desire to make a change in the alcohol beverage industry—to brew something good for body, mind, and planet. All Luna Bay hard kombuchas are gluten-free, vegan, low-sugar and naturally fermented to 6% ABV for a boozy bite. Luna Bay is proudly woman-owned, -led and -brewed. Learn more about Luna Bay: Join the Luna Bay community on Instagram: @lunabaybooch.

About Sarene Craft Beer Distributors:

Sarene is a family-run craft beer distributor, based in New York. They hold themselves to a standard of distributing beer and boozy beverages only in a manner befitting of the quality in the glass. They share the product they love with their community while taking the best care of their customers, employees and supplier partners. The Sarene name, rooted in sentimentality, has become synonymous with quality and customer service. They continue to search the globe and carefully select those making beer and alcoholic beverages that they’re proud to represent. Learn more at: Join the Sarene Community on Instagram: @sarenecraftbeer.