Independence Brewing Releases New Pilsner Celebrating Texan Heritage

AUSTIN, Texas — Independence Brewing Co., an Austin-based brewing company, is proud to announce the release of Native Texan, a brand-new addition to the brewery’s seasonal roster of craft beer.

“With this beer we wanted to give a big shout out to all Texans, near and far, who are proud to be from here—or who got here as fast as they could,” said Amy Cartwright, co-founder of Independence.

The saying goes, “Everything’s bigger in Texas,” and the crisp taste of the new brew is no exception. A beer made by and for the people of the Lone Star State, Native Texan is a pilsner as German as the heritage of the Hill Country, as bright as the state’s “Friday Night Lights,” as clear as the West Texas sky, and as smooth as an East Texan drawl.

The Independence brewing team sought to create a beer original in taste and style—one that would satisfy the taste buds of the German and Czech immigrants who settled in Central Texas over 180 years ago. The brew’s flavor profile is reflected in the use of 100% German pilsner malt, famed Augustiner yeast, and a carefully proportioned selection of both German and Czech noble hops.

“Texas is a big place, and we knew this pilsner would need to complement the full diversity of Texas and its foodways,” said head brewer Brannon Radicke. “We set out to create a beer so delicious and versatile that it would pair easily with brisket and fajitas, pho and fried chicken, crawfish and kolaches, carnitas and queso.”

The beer has been picked up by several other Texas-born brands: Whole Foods Market, Buc-ee’s, HEB, and Central Market to name a few. Native Texan is a versatile brew that can be enjoyed with a carefully curated cheese plate or a handful of Beaver Nuggets. Beer enthusiasts will soon find large displays of Native Texan in grocery stores and gas stations as Independence Day approaches — the can design is unmistakable.

“My mom was a proud Texan, and growing up, she always had that popular ‘Native Texan’ bumper sticker on her car,” said Cartwright. “The beer can design is actually inspired by that sticker.” When stacked and arranged in sync, cans of Native Texan render both the Texas flag and the stars and stripes of the American flag.

“What I find remarkable about Texas is that although we’re pretty divided politically and geographically, we Texans have managed to stay civil and friendly with each other—we are the ‘friendly state,’ after all—and united in our connection to this place, “ Cartwright continued. “That’s what ‘Native Texan’ means to me. It’s not really about whether or not you were born here, it’s more about that sense of belonging, the quality of life here, the people, the natural beauty. That’s what attracts more and more people to Texas every year. Some say the future is Texas and I sure hope they’re right!”

Cartwright and her team want Native Texan to be the “road trip beer” of the summer. Native Texan has an ABV of 5% making it highly sessionable during the scorching heat. Drinking the beer will bring back memories of days spent on the water and evenings spent on the porch swing, watching the bluebonnets bloom and the sun set —all reminders of why we fell in love with the Lone Star State in the first place.

Native Texan is now available in stores across Texas.


Independence Brewing Co. is a local craft beer brewery and taproom located in Southeast Austin, Texas. Founded by Amy & Rob Cartwright in 2004, Independence Brewing Co. has grown from a small mom, pop, and dog operation to a team of 40 people producing more than 17 thousand barrels a year with distribution throughout Texas and Arkansas. Independence Brewing Co. is now one of the largest and most beloved breweries in Central Texas.

Independence’s core lineup includes Austin Amber, Liberty Lunch IPA, Redbud Berliner Weisse, Power & Light Pale Ale, and the brand’s top-selling beer, Stash IPA. These beers and several seasonal/limited releases can be enjoyed in a laid-back, industrial-style tasting room with views of the beer making process set to live music from local musicians. Birds Barbershop offers beers exclusively from Independence Brewing Co. in all nine of their locations across Texas.

The business is a proud and active member of the communities of Austin, Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, and El Paso. The brewery and its taproom are open to the public for tours in Austin, Texas. Anyone interested in learning more about Independence Brewing Company’s beer or tours of the brewery, should visit or follow @indybrewing on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.