Homefield Brewing Releases Latest Batch of Locally-Sourced Pale Ale


Sturbridge, MA — Homefield Brewing, a local startup, has released its third batch of ale made with 100 percent locally sourced malt and hops. Homefield 3, as it is called, was brewed at Wormtown Brewery and is on tap at their Worcester taproom and in Sturbridge at Rapscallion Brewery where the first two batches were made.

Founder Jonathan Cook describes the beer as “a hoppy pale ale. We designed the recipe to accentuate the qualities of the local ingredients, which are unlike those grown in other regions,” he said.

Cook and his partner, Suzanne LePage hope to open their own brewery in the Sturbridge vicinity and are currently in the planning process. Toward that end, Homefield’s Kickstarter campaign runs until April 19.

“We get our hops from Four Star Farms in Northfield and our malt from Valley Malt in Hadley,” Cook said. “So, this is truly a beer of, by and for locals. This is the great flavor of local farms in a glass. It doesn’t get any fresher.”

Cook also wrote a book called Beer Terrain about the movement to bring local farms into the craft beer industry. Published by Satya House, the book will be released in early April.