Holidaily Brewing Company Expands Gluten-Free Beer Distribution to Houston

Texas – Holidaily Brewing Company, America’s dedicated gluten-free brewery began distributing to Houston, Texas and east Texas.

Holidaily Brewing (holidailybrewing.com) opened in Golden, Colorado in 2016 and is the passion project of Karen Hertz, who survived both melanoma and thyroid cancer, leading to a treatment regimen including a gluten-free diet. Hertz struggled to find a great-tasting, 100% gluten-free beer and was driven to solve this problem. After years of research and testing, Holidaily Brewing Company was born.

Exponential growth in Colorado led Holidaily Brewing to build a 10,000 square foot production brewery in May of 2019, making them the largest dedicated gluten-free brewery in the U.S. The expansion increased their brewing capacity, equipping them to serve Houston and east Texas.

“We’ve heard the pleas and we’re answering the call,” said Hertz. “Houston is a highly requested city on our website and social media. We’re excited about the opportunity to bring our beer to a market that is gluten-free savvy and appreciates craft beer.”

Holidaily Brewing can be found in liquor stores, bars, restaurants, and grocery stores throughout the Houston metro area as well cities in east Texas including Beaumont, Tyler, and Longview.

About Holidaily Brewing Co.: Holidaily Brewing Co. is a 100% certified dedicated gluten-free brewery, one of only 16 in the United States. Their tasting room is located in Golden, Co. with a production facility across the street. Beers are distributed to liquor stores, restaurants, grocery stores and stadiums throughout Colorado, Arizona, Kansas City Metro, Kansas, Houston, and east Texas.

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