HenHouse Brewing to Build Brewery in Santa Rosa


Santa Rosa, Calif. — HenHouse Brewing is pleased to announce that we have just completed a deal to build our own brewery in southern Santa Rosa! In partnership with Live Oak Bank, HenHouse has raised over a million dollars through an SBA loan that enables us to move into an existing GMP food processing facility and invest in Sonoma County manufactured brewing equipment from the Criveller Group in Healdsburg.

As a result of its expansion in size, the new brewery represents a significant investment in beer quality. By moving into a modern food processing facility and investing in Quality Assurance technologies, we are continuing to raise the bar for deliciousness in brewing. Through working with local manufacturers, HenHouse is creating new brewing jobs in the county as well as supporting the existing manufacturing jobs.

The three founders, all Sonoma County natives, are unanimously STOKED about this deal!

Scott Goyne says – “We are seizing an amazing opportunity to grow our business in a way that directly STOKES our local economy. We are creating jobs with this money, contracting a Sonoma County manufacturer to build our equipment, and increasing our capacity to deliver fresh cold beer. This is the definition of triple bottom line in action.”

Shane Goepel says –   “To paraphrase the great American songwriter Billy Joel, Mama Leone left a note on our door saying “Sonny move out to the country”… In this case “Mama Leone” is the Universe, “Sonny” is us, and the “country” is a swagged out food processing facility in the heart of Sonoma County. We didn’t start the fire but we are definitely STOKING it.”

Collin McDonnell says – “The stars have aligned and revealed to us a great truth: our toil meant to sustain the people of Sonoma County. We bring with us gifts for the community, and we place our marker here so that we might stay and build on this new ground that once was old.”






Create 20 jobs in Sonoma County within 18 months

Grow in an American made 30 barrel brewhouse, built in Sonoma County, with an initial capacity of 5,000 barrels annually and a growth capacity of 75,000 barrels

Utilize an unused facility, designed to food manufacturing specifications, that will ensure the highest quality brewing process

Expand our cold storage capacity to maintain our commitment to cold chain delivery and beer freshness

Have an anticipated completion of Spring, 2016

We are incredibly STOKED to be able to tell our story and to move forward with this next expansion phase. Please do not hesitate to ask for additional information. We are excited to tell the world about our HenHouse Brewing news!