Helm’s Brewing Co. Releases SS California

San Diego, CA– Helm’s Brewing Company expands their innovative and high quality beer line-up this week when it releases a California Common style beer, SS California. This California Common style is associated with the California Gold Rush in the late 1840’s and is brewed with a lager yeast at ale temperatures. When flocks of gold miners came rushing to California in 1849 the brewers could not keep up with the traditional lagers being made in the area because it took ice to ferment at low temperatures. The brewers continued to make this popular lager style even when there was not enough ice to keep up with demand. Without the ice previously used in the beer making process it fermented at higher ale temperatures, thus creating a new style of beer.

“We are excited to expand our portfolio and continue our reputation for innovative beers with our own take on different styles,” said Matt Johnson, General Manager at Helm’s Brewing Company. “SS California is a refreshing style that is perfect for a San Diego summer.”

Helm’s Brewing honors one of the first steamships to service California during the gold rush by naming this beer SS California. This steamship would even stop in San Diego for supplies while bringing passengers to the gold rush area of San Francisco. SS California will be available at the Helm’s Brewing tasting room and in select accounts in San Diego.

About Helm’s Brewing Company

Helm’s Brewing Company produces high quality and innovative craft beer designed not only to impress the connoisseur beer drinker, but also provide a fresh and local beer experience for the average consumer. The tasting room includes two 46” televisions to watch sports and with the brew-house attached to the tasting room it allows customers to view the brewery equipment as they enjoy a pint of beer. The tasting room is part of the community brewery concept where people can stop by after work, grab a beer on the weekend and enjoy conversation with friends. Helm’s Brewing Company is distributed in all of Southern California.