Hairless Dog Brewing Company Expands Distribution to Colorado

MINNEAPOLIS – Hairless Dog Brewing Company is expanding its footprint to include Colorado after announcing partnerships with Culture Beverage. The company recently announced the additions of Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee to its map.

Consumers who want to avoid alcohol without compromising flavor seek out non alcoholic beers, but some brews contain as much as 0.5% alcohol. Unlike category competitors who brew their NA beers with alcohol and then boil it off (a process which leaves some alcohol behind but also changes the flavor of the beer in the process), Hairless Dog Brewing Company invented an innovative brewing process in which alcohol is never introduced, making them the first 0.0% ABV craft NA beer in the county.

Hollander and Pirner established the company after both deciding to opt for a life free of alcohol and their desire to make an NA beer that people wanted to drink for what it was rather than what it wasn’t. Hairless Dog Brewing currently has four styles of craft beer available, all of which are 0.0% ABV, including an IPA, Citra Lager, Coffee Stout, and Black Ale – with new flavors slated for release in early 2021.

Check out their recent mentions in Forbes, Shape Magazine,Popular Mechanics andThe Boston Globe.

Shipping to the lower 48 states, Hairless Dog’s brand new 4-can sampler packs are the perfect COVID-friendly gift for that family member, close friend, or indispensable coworker you want to treat (even if you can’t drink one with them).

Please let us know if you’d like to schedule a time to speak with Jeff or Paul about the “Sober Curious” movement and NA category at-large, their unique brewing process, or sample their delicious brews.

For a complete list of locations carrying Hairless Dog products,

About Hairless Dog Brewing Company

Hairless Dog is the first domestic US 0.0% ABV craft beer brand, with truly alcohol-free products. Our brews are flavor-forward so you celebrate an active social life while making healthy choices. Our brews are for anyone. Whether you still enjoy traditional beers, but sometimes want the flavor profile without the alcohol, or you work from home, are pregnant, a first responder on call, or you’ve simply left alcohol behind for better health. Whatever your story, Hairless Dog is here for you to enjoy with 0% alcohol and 0.0% regrets. For more information, visit

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