Gilded Goat Brewing Company to Feature Local Artists in Can Label Design 

FORT COLLINS, Colo. – Gilded Goat Brewing Company (GGBC) has begun canning some of their flagship beers in an effort to expand production and retail presence. The Gilded Goat is working with Wild Goose Filling out of Louisville, CO on a precision canning process that will focus on quality as well as customer convenience. GGBC has standardized on a 16-ounce aluminum can format. This is in addition to the growler and crowler options the brewery utilizes for to-go options.

The Company will be using at least two local artists for their can label design. For the hop-forward line of beers, the Goat has partnered with Phil Lewis Art out of Boulder. Throughout Phil’s career, he has used a special connection with nature, and the amazing scenery in Colorado has fueled this inspiration. His art complements the bold and balanced approach that Charlie Hoxmeier, VP of Brewing at the Gilded Goat, has incorporated into his award-winning ales and lagers. Phil has developed a style of artwork that combines pen drawings and digital design to create images that feel both organic and state-of-the-art. Phil’s diverse background in music, technology, and creativity laid the foundation for a perfect match as beer art.  The combination of art and science will make the package presence as bold as the beer.

The Goat will also be featuring the artwork of Assistant Brewer Shawna Hays. Graduating with a degree in fine art from the University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, Shawna is an artist who also has a passion for brewing great beer. Shawna has produced a set of digital drawings to serve as the basis for the labels for the brewery’s sours and malty lineup. Shawna’s work combines fruit, floral, and animal imagery to capture the colorful essence of the beer the label represents.

According to Charlie Hoxmeier, “we are excited to release these new package offerings featuring these local artists. It is fun to see how the art imagery works so well with the story and complexity of the beer.” The Gilded Goat will continue to expand their presence in the regional retail and on-premise markets.

Gilded Goat Brewing Company’s mission is to cater to our customer by carefully crafting bold and balanced beer using the best ingredients in an exceptionally clean environment; offering our beer in a comfortable and enjoyable setting; making our products available in interesting and environmentally responsible packaging; and employing knowledgeable and friendly staff who reflect these values.