Four Origlio Beverage Employees Become Certified Cicerones


PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – After six months of studying for the grueling exam, Origlio Beverage is proud to announce that four employees have passed the level two Cicerone exam. Craft and Specialty Account Managers, Jeff McCracken and Katie Woodson, as well as Corporate Communications Associates, Meredith Rebar and Julie Kovaleski are now Certified Cicerones®.

The Cicerone Certification program is the gold standard for professional skills and knowledge in the beer industry. Certified Cicerones® have in-depth knowledge of the many facets of beer production and retail sales including proper beer storage, beer styles, culture, tasting, flavors and brewing ingredients as well as beer and food pairing.

In a world where anyone can call themselves a beer expert, the Cicerone Certification Program offers detailed assessment and accreditation to industry professionals looking to distinguish themselves. The title Certified Cicerone® is trademark protected and may only be used by those individuals who have passed both the written and tasting portions of the exam. McCracken credits his success in passing the Cicerone exam in part to knowledge he learned in his previous position as a professional brewer. He explains, “Cicerone training has taught me how to utilize the knowledge that I obtained as a brewer to improve my skills as a salesman. The information I’ve acquired allows me to represent Origlio’s extensive portfolio in the best way possible, which equates to more sales.”

Tim Stammen, Craft and Specialty Import Sales Manager, discusses the impact of the training and certification on his team saying, “Certified Cicerone® training is important to Origlio’s philosophy because we believe in the constant improvement of our team members. We strongly believe that developing our people through education and training greatly improves their confidence and job satisfaction, which in turn boosts morale. Training is a win/win. It improves employees skill sets and benefits the company by producing a stronger sales force. An educated, well trained and motivated team is an important and impactful resource.  We are very proud and excited for our Certified Cicerones®. And I look forward to sharing their knowledge with the rest of the team.”


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