Foundry Distilling Co. and Confluence Brewing Co. Team Up To Make Des Moines Malt Whiskey

WEST DES MOINES, Iowa – When the inventive West Des Moines distiller, Foundry Distilling Co., and renowned Des Moines brewery, Confluence Brewing Co., join together to make a one-of-a-kind spirit, the result is the exceptional Des Moines Malt Whiskey. Set to be released on October 30th, 2021, this Brewer-Distiller Alliance spirit is bound to delight whiskey enthusiasts, connoisseurs, and collectors alike.

“Des Moines Whiskey started and ended right here in central Iowa with a whiskey which captivates the senses,” Scott Bush, owner of Foundry Distilling Company. “Whiskey and beer lovers won’t want to miss out on this creation.”

This identifiably unique whiskey is made from the wort of Confluence’s signature beer, Des Moines IPA. Foundry Distilling Co. turned the wort into whiskey by fermenting, distilling, and barrel-aging the product at their world-class distillery in Historic Valley Junction. The distillery is producing only a few hundred cases for Des Moines Malt Whiskey’s inaugural run.

“This has been a great partnership that’s captured the essence of our beer in whiskey form,” said John Martin, President, Co-Founder of Confluence Brewing Co. “I think that Confluence fans, beer lovers, and whiskey enthusiasts are really going to enjoy this special creation!”

Des Moines Whiskey has a unique aroma that consists of mellow tangerine, sweet bread, light-red fruits, and green earth. When tasting this whiskey, drinkers will experience light and mellow notes of orange citrus and sweet bread. The overall finish will leave a lingering sweetness that delivers an incredible experience to the tastebuds. Those looking to secure a bottle of this one-of-a-kind whiskey before the launch date can do so by ordering online at Foundry Distilling’s website.

The general public is encouraged to attend a release party with Foundry Distilling Co. and Confluence on Saturday, October 30th. This event will be hosted by Foundry Distilling Co. at their distillery in Historic Valley Junction from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Release party event tickets can be purchased by going to Foundry Distilling’s Eventbrite page.

Attendees will be able to sample Des Moines Whiskey and purchase Des Moines IPA while having the chance to meet both teams that made this malt whiskey possible. The first 100 guests at the event will receive a free branded rocks glass. The event will also feature Foundry cocktails, music, local food, and a caricature artist doing free drawings of you or your group.

This local Iowa collaboration is made possible by Foundry Distilling Co.’s Brewer-Distiller Alliance initiative, which aims to work with outstanding breweries across the nation to produce remarkable, distinctive whiskeys from their beer recipes. The breweries produce the wort using their beer recipes, and Foundry then ferments, distills, and barrel-ages the spirit to create whiskey. Foundry Distilling Company and its partners have generated a diverse collection of exclusive limited-edition whiskeys.

About Foundry Distilling Company 

Foundry Distilling Co. strives to be one of the most innovative distilleries in the world by providing unique products, offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences, like the company’s Private Barrel Club, and collaborating with an alliance of nationally recognized breweries, known as the Brewer-Distiller Alliance. Their flagship product, The Real Stuff, is made from a mash of grain and cane and aged in charred-oak kegs, and is an attempt to recreate the actual process used to make the legendary “Off-the-Farm” spirit of rural Iowa farmers.

About Confluence Brewing Company 

After years of hobby brewing and an increasingly ardent interest in brewing as a profession, John Martin and fellow home-brewer and co-founder Ken Broadhead launched Confluence Brewing in 2012. John left his construction management day job to pursue Confluence and his passion for beer making full time. The brewery is itself a confluence of John and Ken’s love for Iowa and craft beer. The result is a microbrewery that shares Iowa’s attributes of honesty, humility, hard work, and a sense of humor. Confluence also has Iowa’s knack for being a delightful surprise to those who actually experience it. 

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