Farmers Brewing Co. Releases Sun Up ‘til Sun Down In Cans

PRINCETON, Calif. – For the first time, Farmers Brewing Co. is releasing its session IPA in 12 oz. cans on July 10. Sun Up ‘til Sun Down is known for its easy drinkability along with aromas of orange blossom and fresh lemon zest. This session-style IPA will be available in six-packs where Farmers Brewing Co. is currently sold in Northern California.

“The goal of Sun Up ‘til Sun Down is to deliver juicy, citrus hop flavor and aroma in a light, refreshing low ABV session beer. The barley, wheat and rice grain bill create a clean, full-bodied foundation to showcase the tropical hop flavors,” said Naga Reshi, director of brewing operations.

At only 5.8% ABV, this session IPA embodies Farmers Brewing Co.’s beer styles as it is light and easy to drink. With the aim to expand the portfolio of the farm to glass brewery, Sun Up ‘til Sun Down is the first IPA released in cans.

Named after the farmer’s work ethic, Sun Up ‘til Sun Down is a part of Farmers Brewing Co.’s year-round lineup and joins Farmers Light, 530 and Valle as can options available in six-packs.

Sun Up ‘til Sun Down completes Farmers Brewing Co.’s core four of year-round beers with additional seasonal and special releases yet to come.

About Farmers Brewing Co.

Founded in 2017 by a fifth-generation farmer, Farmers Brewing Company, LLC began brewing out of a garage in sprawling Princeton, CA with a population of 407. The true “Farm to Glass” brewery has expanded to a new facility and crafts lighter, lower alcohol, sessionable, and healthier beers in the Sacramento Valley of Northern California. Farmers Brewing prides itself on producing high-quality grains grown on its own farm to produce high-quality beers. For more information, visit and follow Farmers Brewing Co. on Facebook and Instagram.

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