Elevation Beer Releases 2018 Production Calendar

PONCHA SPRINGS, Colo. — Elevation Beer Co. has some twists on old favorites for 2018, and have been bouncing around some other fun ideas.

Our recent purchase of 6 new 60 bbls fermentation tanks has given us some space to get creative, while not risking shortages of our core lineup in the market. We plan on packaging at least 4 flavor variants of our Oil Man Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout, which will include Coconut, Vanilla, Cinnamon, and Coffee additions.

There will also be 4 fruited variants on our Kettle Soured Saison “Acide”.  The first of which will be a Pineapple version hitting the market by the new year (maybe a little earlier).

Apis IV cans are in full swing, and we will complete the transition to 12oz. cans for our entire portfolio with the release of a reformulated Double IPA, and Raspberry Gulch Imperial Saison in 12oz. cans.

Our barrel aged beers will continue to be packaged in 750ml crown capped bottles for the foreseeable future with Red Wine Barrel Aged Apis IV starting the year off. Based on the initial positive response to our mixed 12 pack, we plan on releasing a second mix 12 featuring our “bigger” beers. These will include 3 each of Apis IV, Senorita Imperial Horchata Porter, Raspberry Gulch, and D.I.P.A.

For 2018 we are also very excited to announce our membership to The Conservation Alliance. By joining, we commit a portion of our annual revenue to the Alliance, with a focus on the protection of public lands and every Americans access to them.