Dad & Dude’s Breweria Releases ‘Outta Luck Orange-Crushed Ale’

Outta Luck Orange-Crushed Ale

Aurora, Colo. – On Friday, January 9 at 4 PM, Dad & Dude’s Breweria (6730 S Cornerstar Way in Cornerstar Shopping Center) will release a special beer in time for the Sunday NFL playoff game between the Denver Broncos and the Indianapolis Colts.

Outta Luck Orange-Crushed Ale is a lightweight, low-strength, easy to pound down beer of just 4% ABV that finishes incredibly fast.

The beer’s pale malts provide a heartland charm that is quickly overtaken by a stampede of Colorado hops and a rush of crushed orange peel. These savvy additions unite lovers of all things orange and showcase the beer’s unstoppable, Colorado-grown strengths.

A beer that’s perfect for manning up from mainstream beers, Outta Luck’s flavors pair perfectly with pizza and victorious football games.

“Outta Luck,” says Dad & Dude’s brewing operations director Brian Connery, “is the first round draft choice you’ll never let go.”

Developed through painstaking research, Outta Luck has a unique “reverse terroir” flavor feature that impacts people from a distant geographic location.

“Outta Luck Orange-Crushed Ale,” says Dad & Dude’s brewer Bard Nielsen, “has a distinctly bitter finish for people from Indiana. But beer drinkers in Colorado will find it very satisfying.”

Dad & Dude’s Breweria is one of the nation’s smallest brewpubs. House beers are made on a 1.5 barrel system that produces three 15.5 gallon kegs at a time. The family owned brewery/pizzeria combination was founded by Thomas “Dad” Hembree and son Mason “Dude” Hembree.

The company’s three packaged beers — Dank IPA, Ryeot Red Ale and Leaves of Lemongrass Wit — are available in fourpacks of 16-oz cans in 250+ stores across the metro Denver area.

Note: nothing in the Outta Luck beer or in this information is intended to offend or infringe on the trademarks of the National Football League. No, certainly not. Visit and