Cooperstown Brewing Company Introduces ‘Gran Cans’

MILFORD, NY — Cooperstown Brewing Company introduces the right package for the Craft Beer Explorer: The GRAN Can 64oz Growler. Cooperstown Brewing is one of the local destinations for tourists and Craft Beer enthusiast to stop by while in town visiting the Baseball Hall of Fame.

“We get a lot of customers coming in at one time. They are interested in buying baseball themed memorabilia and good local Craft Beer” says Ian Porto Manager for Cooperstown Brewing Company. “In order to save time we pre-fill Cooperstown Brewing GRAN Can 64oz Growlers and have them available in our taproom vista cooler so customers can Grab N Go with the style(s) they want without waiting for a fill. The Cooperstown Brewing GRAN Cans are pre-printed with the Cooperstown Brewery image with our top 4 styles noted on the side “Pizza Box” fashion. This way we are promoting Cooperstown Brewing Company and all the regular and special beers we offer without having to inventory cans for each beer style.”

Porto adds, “We are a tourist destination and many of our GRAN Can sales are also collectors’ items.” There is a lot of surface area and we showcase our brewery and with plenty of space on the back to tell our story.”

We have positive comments from customers that they can reseal the cans after opening and do not have to consume all the beer in a single sitting.

The GRAN Cans are made of tin coated steel and much stronger than aluminum. The cans and closures are fully recyclable and as an added benefit, both are certified BPA Free. “I was surprised on how many people are concerned about BPA in their beverage containers. We are glad our beers are available in these BPA free containers.”

“Lastly we really like the fact that we can fill the GRAN Cans off the tap and do not need any other equipment or filler. This saved us both up-front money for a can seamer and precious retail counter space.”

Cooperstown is planning on making their GRAN Can beers available at local retail outlets starting in Spring 2018.