Cicerone Certification Program Introduces Expanded Off Flavor Kit


CHICAGO — In mid-June, the Cicerone® Certification Program begins shipping new off-flavor training products designed for groups of 12- or 24-individuals at a time.

“Hundreds of groups use our existing off-flavor course designed for groups of six tasters,” said Ray Daniels, Director of the Cicerone Certification Program. “The new kits cover the same flavors with all the resources for larger groups of 12 or 24 participants at a time.”

All three of these basic Cicerone off-flavor kits train on the basic off-flavors tested on the Certified Cicerone® exam—diacetyl, DMS, acetaldehyde, oxidation, infection and skunky. In response to demand for the ability to train more users at once, the Cicerone® Off Flavor Kit has been expanded from the previous kit for 6 users to accommodate 12 and 24 tasters at a more economical price.

Included in the kit are shelf-stable, easy-to-use flavor spikes and a follow-along webinar, which covers the common descriptors for these six common off flavors, the causes of these off flavors, and the steps that can be taken to prevent such off flavors.



Founded in 2007 by brewer, author and beer educator Ray Daniels, The Cicerone Certification Program seeks to ensure that consumers receive the best quality beer at every service occasion. To facilitate this, those who sell and serve beer are encouraged to acquire knowledge in five areas: 1) Beer Storage, Sales and Service; 2) Beer Styles and Culture; 3) Beer Tasting and Flavors; 4) Brewing Ingredients and Processes; 5) Pairing Beer with Food

To this date, more than 50,000 individuals have been certified through the program.

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