Bierstadt Lagerhaus Remains Open, Releases Tmavé 13°

DENVER — Bierstadt Lagerhaus, nationally renowned, and The Colorado Sun’s 2019 Colorado brewery of the year, remains open. Not only do we remain open, on January 24th, we have the audacity to release Tmavé 13°, a Czech Dark Lager, inspired by a May trip to Prague. Bierstadt now fields 5 calls a day asking if we are still open since the cidery in our building relocated their production space. Bierstadt wants to invite everyone back as we continue to Lagerhard for a Czech celebration of Lager, Goulash and Becherovka as our collaborators from Bagby Beer in Oceanside, CA fly in for the celebration.

The games, beer hall and liters of lager remain open and flowing, along with all the shenanigans everyone has come to expect. In fact, the beer hall is expanding-slightly-and will have some European-style food options as well as additional seating within the month.

As is known by nearly everyone and barely deserves repeating here, Lager beer is the finest accompaniment to food ever devised by our species. To this end, Bierstadt is changing its focus from really good food, to a transcendent marriage of schnitzel and Lager. Much drunken research was recently conducted in Germany to make sure our schnitzel was on point. Owners Chris Rippe, Ashleigh Carter and Bill Eye were forced to drink multiple liters of lager-often late into the night-to acquire schnitzel making secrets. Livers were bruised, but our schnitzel at Bierstadt is now as it was there. Some sacrifices are worth it.

Denver winery Deep Roots will open in the relocated cidery space. Bierstadt will remain fully operational, come get some.

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