Bad Martha Brewing Company Introduces Third IPA: Twin Sirens Double IPA

bad martha twin sirens

Martha’s Vineyard, MA – Bad Martha Brewing Company of Martha’s Vineyard has introduced its third IPA, Twin Sirens Double IPA, plus new fall flavors available at Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery & Tasting Room where it is now collaborating with local establishments on the Island to create specialty destination beers for them. The Company also took home two Bronze Medals and one Silver at this year’s Great International Beer & Cider Competition in Providence, RI.

Bad Martha Beer continues to expand quickly and is one of the fastest growing microbreweries in the country. Products can be found in more than 650 locations throughout Massachusetts,Rhode Island and Connecticut. All Bad Martha Beer is uniquely brewed with grape leaves grown on Martha’s Vineyard, so there’s a piece of the Island’s soul infused in every glass and bottle.

The Great International Beer & Cider Competition awarded Bad Martha Brewing Company with a Bronze Medal for its Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Ale in the Old Ale/Strong Ale Category, Bronze Medal for its Pumpkin Pie Bock in the Fruit & Spice Belgian Category and a Silver Medal for the Cucumber Jalapeno Kolsch in the Fruit & Spice Lager Category.

“We are thrilled to be recognized for our passion to innovate and create delicious, award-winning beers with unique flavors that set us apart and provide something for every craft beer lover to enjoy,” said Jonathan Blum, CEO and Co-Founder, Bad Martha Brewing Company.

“Our goal is to not only create delicious high quality craft beers, but also run our business centered on socially responsible practices, using the finest local ingredients, providing spent grains to local farmers and donating a percentage of our profits to hunger relief charity,” added Blum.

“Importantly, our Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery & Tasting Room gives us the ability to continually innovate with new flavors and directly engage with customers each day and get their feedback. That helps us offer beers that we know will be a commercial success,” Blum said.

Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Ale and Pumpkin Pie Bock can be found at Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery & Tasting Room on Martha’s Vineyard along with Bluewater Farms Cranberry Vienna, Twin Sirens IPA, Martha’s Vineyard Ale, (508) IPA, Vineyard Summer Ale, Beach Plum Dubbel and Weizenbock. A new, fall Banana Bread Dunkel beer sold out quickly. The extremely popular Honey Helles, made with organic honey from Martha’s Vineyard, has also been re-released in six packs and at restaurants and bars across Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut.

Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery is now collaborating with local establishments on Martha’s Vineyard to provide specialty, destination beers for them, such as a Cucumber Jalapeño Kolsch at Sharky’s, Chowder House and Copper Wok; a Weizenbock at Rockfish and a Cranberry Vienna at the Warf.

Twin Sirens Double IPA

According to Bad Martha Master Brewer, Jacobi Reid, “Twin Sirens Double IPA is a wickedly delicious Double IPA made with a blend of American and Australian hops that create a big citrus aroma, with notes of Mandarin orange, fresh pine and a dry bitter finish that will tantalize the taste buds.” Twin Sirens Double IPA is 9% ABV (alcohol by volume) with 120 IBUs (International Bittering Units) and pairs well with BBQ and spicy ethnic dishes.

Twin Sirens Double IPA will be sold throughout Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut in six-packs and at restaurants and bars, alongside (508) IPA (named after the Island’s eponymous area code, with 7% ABV and 70 IBUs) and popular Martha’s Vineyard Ale (an English Special Bitters), Island IPA (which has 50 IBUs, is less hoppy in character and is 5.5% ABV), Vineyard Summer Ale and Honey Ale (made with organic honey from the island).

Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Ale

Great for cold nights, wrapped up in a blanket near the fire or with loved ones. Bourbon Barrel is an American Strong Ale that was aged in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels for six months.

The Ale has a strong bourbon aroma and flavor with complex notes of oak, sweet caramel and hints of vanilla. It pairs well with steak, BBQ and sweet deserts.

Pumpkin Pie Bock

A beer made for the people who love fall. Made with 30 pounds of locally grown and roasted pumpkins, this beer blends the wonderful flavors of roasted pumpkin and sweet pumpkin pie. A nice beer for fall festivities and as the days get shorter. It pairs well with roasted and grilled meat, potato-based dishes and is delicious alone as a desert itself.

Bluewater Farms Cranberry Vienna

A light bodied Vienna lager, made with German malts and hops and aged with cold press cranberries from Bluewater Farms in Carver, MA, where Bad Martha Master Brewer Jacobi Reid grew up. The beer starts off tart with strong cranberry flavor and a malty bread backbone that makes you pucker a bit, but is crisp and refreshing on those cool autumn days. Pairs well with lighter dishes such as salads, grilled chicken and complements deserts with a tart base.

Cucumber Jalapeno Kolsch

A light lager aged on fresh cucumbers, jalapenos, and select other peppers. A very spicy aroma and a little heat in the first sip, followed by a nice cool refreshing cucumber flavor. Very light in body with a lot of flavor. Perfect beer to pair with spicy foods and very rich sweet deserts.

About Bad Martha Brewing Company
Jonathan Blum is CEO and Co-Founder of Bad Martha Beer, founded in partnership with Peter Rosbeck, long-time Island resident. Blum has been a seasonal island resident for 28 years. The two first launched Bad Martha Beer in 2012 at Boston’s Baseball Tavern, and opened Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery & Tasting Room on Martha’s Vineyard in 2013. A 23-year senior executive at Yum! Brands, Inc. and PepsiCo, Blum decided to retire from the world’s largest restaurant company to focus on building his craft-beer company across New England.

Bad Martha Brewing Earns Eleven Beer Industry Awards

Since 2014, Bad Martha has won eleven awards at the International Beer Festival, beating out many of the world’s best-selling beers.

Gold for Martha’s Vineyard Ale (ESB Category) 2014

Gold for Martha’s Vineyard Export Lager (Dortmunder Category) 2014

Gold for Martha’s Vineyard Pumpkin Pie Bock (Fruit & Spice Lager Category) 2014

Silver for Cucumber Jalapeno Kolsch (Fruit & Spice Lager Category) 2016

Silver for Bad Martha’s Vineyard Summer Ale (Light Ale-Golden Category) 2015

Bronze for Martha’s Vineyard White IPA (Belgian Witbier Category) 2014

Bronze for Martha’s Vineyard, Tim’s Beach Plum Ale (Fruit & Spice Belgian Category) 2014

Bronze for Martha’s Vineyard, Roscoe’s Brown Ale (Brown-Porter Category) 2015

Bronze for Martha’s Vineyard Belgian Blonde (Belgian-Saison Category) 2015

Bronze for Pumpkin Pie Bock (Fruit & Spice Belgian Category) 2016

Bronze for Bourbon Barrel Aged Strong Ale (Old Ale/Strong Ale Category) 2016

About Bad Martha Beers

Bad Martha’s flagship ale, Martha’s Vineyard Ale, teases the senses with a devilishly dark honey hue, a smooth caramel flavor and a seductive floral aroma. Brewed with premium English malt, the finest English and American hops, and Martha’s Vineyard grape leaves, Martha’s Vineyard Ale lures you in with approachable flavor and light to medium body. It is delicious to drink with steak, burgers, sandwiches, tacos and burritos.

(508) IPA is 7% ABV with 70 IBUs and has aromatics of grapefruit and tangerines. The flavor profile is tropical fruit and citrus with a subtle hint of a biscuit malt backbone and finishes off with a little hop bite but no lasting bitterness. (508) IPA is delicious alone or paired with food spicy dishes, such as ethnic foods, pizza or pastas.

Vineyard Summer Ale is made with wild Vineyard grape leaves, premium Pilsner malt and Saaz hops to provide a bright golden glow, clean pilsner malt flavor and subtle Bartlett pear aromatics. Its refreshing, light body makes it the perfect ale to pair with seafood, shellfish, or chicken dishes.

Island IPA gets its tropical essences from Cascade and Citra hops. Subtle hints of tangerine flavor combine with the string golden sun-kissed color for a tantalizing experience that is enjoyed best on its own, or with pizza, or spicy Italian, Mexican or Indian meals.

Vineyard Honey Ale is a sultry Golden Ale, blending Martha's Vineyard organic honeybee honey with come-hither Pilsner malt and a kiss of German noble hops, providing a light and refreshing ale year-round after the summer has passed.

About Bad Martha Farmer’s Brewery & Tasting Room

Surrounded by beautiful landscaping, flowers and native plants, the Farmer’s Brewery & Tasting Room is a bucolic setting for craft beer fans. The post and beam barn was built by the Amish in Pennsylvania and erected onsite in a 5-day barn raising in 2014. Visitors can enjoy free samples of award-winning beer including seasonal varieties, purchase brew by the glass or a flight paddle, enjoy farm-local cheese, vegetable and charcuterie platters, outdoor patio, games, live music and take home a growler.

The Farmer’s Brewery & Tasting Room brews about twenty varieties of beer during the season between May and November and also uses local Island ingredients such as organic honey, local fruits (blueberries, beach plums, wild cherries, cranberries, pumpkins, and strawberries), chocolate, oysters, jalapenos, cranberries and roasted coffee beans.

If one of these recipes is well-received by Tasting Room customers, it is then contract-brewed at Mercury in Ipswich, MA, bottled, kegged and sold commercially.

The Farmer’s Brewery is located at 270 Upper Main Street, Edgartown, MA 02539. (508)-939-4415. Fall Hours are Friday-Sunday, 12:00 p.m. – 7:00 p.m. The Farmer’s Brewery will be open through Christmas weekend, December 9, 2016.

About Bad Martha’s Lore

In 1602, mischievous winds drove Bartholomew Gosnold’s ship to Martha’s Vineyard. As legend has it, he scoured the Island for ingredients to brew ale for his crew. Alas, he found none…and he fell asleep on the shore one evening. Under the light of the moon, he awoke to a sensuous mermaid with jet black hair and a devilish grin. Sitting at water’s edge, she beckoned to Gosnold. The closer he got, the further she swam away – tempting him to follow. So he did.

Finally, he found himself in a field brimming with lush Island grapes. These would be perfect for wine, he thought. But nay, he was a good Englishman, so these grapes became the secret ingredient for a robust, refreshing beer. Gosnold never saw the mermaid again. He went to his grave wondering if he ever saw her at all. Today, we brew every handcrafted beer as Gosnold did, with grape leaves harvested on the Vineyard and a splash of mermaid mischief. Naturally, we had no choice but to name our beer after the elusive siren who started it all. Bad Martha.

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