Arcadia Brewing Company Increases Capacity


Kalamazoo, Michigan — Arcadia Brewing Company has ushered in a new era of brewing possibilities with the installation of two new 100bbl cylindroconical closed fermentation tanks delivered by Kalamazoo based Kandler Tool from friends at W.M. Sprinkman in Franksville, WI.

The unitanks will most importantly allow the integration and use of new yeast strains while maintaining the integrity of the open fermentation cellar where Arcadia’s proprietary yeast strain continues to be cultivated and used to brew traditional Arcadia Ales. Custom designed with a manway at the top, the tanks will provide the flexibility to top crop yeast as has been traditionally done by the brewery. The ability to brew with new yeast strains will open up the Arcadia Brewing Company portfolio of offerings, allowing for their brewers to be creative in ways that were not previously accessible and broadening the scope of beers produced.

You may already have had the pleasure of sampling test batches using new yeast strains, as they have been made available on draft at the Kalamazoo and Battle Creek taverns. Such experimental ales have included a hefeweizen, an amber ale, a California common, and more! Follow Arcadia Ales on Facebook for continued updates on new ales coming out on tap in the Arcadia taverns, as well as out to the craft beer market!