ANXO Cidery Releases New Natural Cider Made Entirely From Crabapples

WASHINGTON, D.C. — ANXO, the apples-only, dry cider brand out of Washington, DC, has announced the release of Ornamental, a new natural cider for Summer. Made with three different types of crabapples and fermented using only wild organisms, Ornamental is a bright and beautiful take on natural wines, created to celebrate the beautiful display of these trees. The launch of Ornamental marks ANXO’s first new cider release this year.

“It’s uncommon to make a cider almost entirely from crabapples,” says Sam Fitz, co-founder and president of ANXO. “These apples are usually only seen as useful pollinators in orchards, but we knew that we could develop them into something great. We decided to let the organisms on the apple skins do the fermenting in order to keep Ornamental a truly naturally fermented cider.”

To create Ornamental, the ANXO team uses a specific blend of Hewe’s, Manchurian, and Burford’s Red-Fleshed crabapples sourced from various orchards in Virginia and fermented in wooden casks. Once ready, the cider has a high acidity and a perceived dry taste. Ornamental is one of the brand’s select ciders that fall under the naturally-fermented category, as many of ANXO’s ciders are made with the addition of commercial yeasts, but remains naturally sugar-free, gluten-free and low in carbohydrates.

Ornamental is available for delivery to over 40 states on ANXO’s website. It is also available in select markets in stores where ANXO ciders are typically sold, and at ANXO’s two brick and mortar locations in Washington, D.C.. Prices start at $14.99 for a 4-pack. Keep up with ANXO’s latest releases by following on Instagram and Twitter @ANXOcider and on Facebook @ANXOCiderDC.

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