Alcohol-Free, Hemp-Infused RTD Jeng Launches Two New Flavors

BOULDER, Colorado – Introducing jengTM, an alcohol-free, hemp-infused, ready-to-drink cocktail to excite the palate, inspire conversation, and elevate social experiences.

Bringing a refreshing, alcohol-free alternative to cocktail culture, jeng replicates classics like the Moscow Mule with a ginger-forward beverage complete with a burst of lime and a hint of juniper. Brand new to the line up and soon to hit the market are flavors including the Paloma, and jeng & Tonic. jengTM is the perfect alternative to help you relax, reconnect, and return to center — all while enjoying life’s everyday celebrations.

Founded in 2019 by college friends John Enghauser and Christopher Lackner, jengTM was a response to the often flavorless, undifferentiated seltzers inundating the beverage industry. Enghauser’s determination to perfect his Moscow Mule recipe inspired the co-founders to re-concoct this staple cocktail into the first iteration of  jengTM, later becoming the company’s beloved flagship recipe.

“New York — and national — cocktail culture has long been focused on fresh flavors and premium ingredients. Consumers want to taste the individual ingredients that create the final balanced cocktail. What’s new in the last few years is a shift to alcohol-free and CBD drinks; those who are sober, sober- curious, or just want a satisfying drink to enjoy with friends, all realize that a cocktail doesn’t always need alcohol. We believe both trends are here to stay,” says John Enghauser.

jengTM contains 11 mg of CBD, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid that is naturally found in hemp. Unlike THC, CBD does not make you “high.”

“Consumers are increasingly interested in hemp-based products, especially beverages,” said Lackner. “With jengTM, we specifically formulated it to have a “sessionable” amount of CBD to make it enticing to consumers without being intimidating.”

jengTM will introduce two new flavors in the fall: a grapefruit-forward Paloma and a ”jeng & tonic.” Both will contain 11 mg of CBD and no alcohol.

  • Paloma: Pushing the boundaries of the classic paloma, jeng pairs pink grapefruit and rosemary for a perfect match in this subtle departure from the original recipe. Thoughtfully added juniper berry, agave and a pinch of sea salt complete this exhilarating alternative.
  • jeng & tonic: The combination of natural juniper, lime, tonic flavors and just a touch of natural hemp extract create the classic sparkling cocktail, re-imagined.

Throughout the hardships of 2020, jeng’sTM mission became more important than ever. The co-founders missed after work happy hours, spontaneous conversations at the neighborhood bar and the simple pleasure of buying a drink for someone to show their appreciation. With the creation of jeng, they hope to give our communities something to talk about – something worth sharing.

About jeng, LLC

Founded in 2019 by John Enghauser and Christopher Lackner, jeng LLC makes premium alcohol-free, hemp-infused, ready-to-drink cocktails for the world to enjoy. Based in Boulder County, Colorado, jengTM is available in New York and Chicago, and online.

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